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About Our Company

BYOE is an eCommerce solutions company, that was Established in 2019 by a collection of young entrepreneurs.

We aim to provide entrepreneurs of Small, Micro and Medium sized companies with complete and affordable eCommerce solutions services, to help them scale their empires and reach the next level. We also offer a range of turnkey eCommerce services, customised to each individual business requirement. 

We are not only website designers, digital marketers or content creators. Our DNA is housed in being entrepreneurs. We bring passion, innovation and drive to all who we work with including fellow entrepreneurs, enabling them to make their dreams real. 

 We understand that the path to success is full of obstacles but by choosing to partner with us, we will join you on this journey and enable your dreams to build your own empire.

Flexible and comprehensive eCommerce solutions, formulated for success, by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. 

Team BYOE.

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Our Founders



Born with a talent for technology, and more than 3 years experience building, constructing and managing online stores; Adam will take care of your digital and technical needs, from website development to coding, all while scaling your online infrastructure.  


Jonathan is vastly experienced in the management and operations of business related ventures. With his years of experience, alongside a BCom Finance degree, he will oversee your project from conceptualisation to launch and beyond.

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