3 Digital Marketing Trends to Look Out for in 2021

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The events of 2020 had an impact on every business. With all the changes that the year
brought, digital marketing was not exempt. Here are 3 digital marketing trends that every
marketer should be aware of in 2021.

Digital Marketing Trend 1: Virtual Events
One of the biggest digital trends to look out for in 2021 is virtual events. Virtual events and
experiences began during the pandemic out of necessity, but their success was unexpected.
This year, many more companies will turn to virtual events – not only to continue practising
social distancing – but because “going virtual” exposed brands to entirely new audiences.
Companies experienced a higher level of engagement, audience participation, as well as
attendance at their virtual events. This resulted in a higher return on investment (ROI) and
low event costs for a larger audience.

The key to hosting virtual events is to remember the power in the “two-way”
communication they provide. Whilst it may seem risky to host a live event or broadcast,
attendees are searching for something to truly partake in – not simply be “spoken at” but
rather “spoken with”.

This is why virtual experiences and events are predicted to be a top digital trend in 2021.
They are a fantastic opportunity to engage with your consumers outside of your traditional
sales messaging. Think outside the box to attract respondents to your event. Remember,
the more fun, the higher the participation and attendance rates!
(Speaking of virtual events and digital marketing, why not participate in an upcoming virtual
conference yourself? Check out the Influencer Marketing Conference in February or Social
Media Week in May).

Digital Marketing Trend 2: Social Media as an eCommerce Promotion Platform
The second digital trend to expect in 2021 is the use of social media as a platform and to
promote e-commerce. Traditionally, social media has been used as a means of discovering
brands. In 2021, however, we believe it will become a platform to make purchases.
The launch of Facebook Shops in 2020 took Amazon and Google by surprise, combining
combing e-commerce with the world’s biggest social media platform. Embedding a
purchasing tool within social media allows searching social media users to explore new
brands and products and make instant purchases from stores they might not have usually
bought from on traditional e-commerce sites.

This digital trend is an opportunity for smaller brands who might not have the budget to
spend on digital advertising and building an e-commerce website to create a unique
shopping experience to build a creative relationship with the first-time customers.
Social media platforms make it simple for consumers to shop – from brand discovery to
purchase without ever having to change platforms. This “social commerce” is expected to
grow in 2021 and brands looking to stay relevant will need to adopt this new way of
promoting their brand, engaging with customers, and selling their products online.
This trend encourages companies to view social media in a different light – not merely for
promotion, but an opportunity to connect with consumers and as a chance to
make a sale.

Digital Marketing Trend 3: Decluttering Social Media Accounts
Thirdly, and long overdue in our opinion, is the decluttering of social media channels.
Companies are finally realising that “less is more” when it comes to social media. Having
tens of ineffective social media accounts will never be as strategic as only running social
media accounts that are relevant to your brand and your audience.

Towards the end of 2020, companies took to this digital trend and culled social media
channels that were not bringing in sales and were becoming redundant.
When it comes to a company’s social media presence, remember the law of diminishing
return: the point at which you have spread yourself too thin. Essentially the law explains
that sometimes doing more is not worth your time and resources in sales or returns.

In conclusion, the top 3 digital marketing trends to get on top of this year include: making
use of the accessibility and low costs of virtual events and experiences, combining e-
commerce and social to attract new consumers and simplify their consumer journey onto
one platform, and lastly re-consider which social media platforms are worth your time when
it comes to the analytics behind the accounts.

Get behind these trends as soon as possible and reap the benefits of being up to date with
the latest in digital marketing!


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