The name of the game is entrepreneurship and Generation Z just rolled doubles.

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We, Generation Z,  welcome you to the new world of digital marketing. A world run by 20 something-year-olds, who are innovative, pragmatic and love content. A generation who still prefers face-to-face interactions and loves to delve into the magic that is the digital world. 

Currently part of the fourth industrial revolution, this generation is involved in the developing environment in which disruptive technologies and trends such as the Internet of Things (IoT), robotics, virtual reality (VR) and artificial intelligence (AI) are changing the way we live and work. 

So the world is confusing and online business kind of seems the same. But worry not you see, for BYOE offers answers in the form of turnkey solutions. This being a system that can be easily implemented into any current business processes. A solution that is immediately ready to be used upon implementation and is designed to fulfill a certain process such as billing, website design, training or content management. 

Unlike many previous generations, Gen Z does not support the classical education system but rather believes in a more hands-on and experiential approach to learning. With the worldwide web and social media at their fingertips, this generation are seekers of knowledge and place a large importance in finding a balance between work and leisure. They crave pragmatic solutions that are holistically beneficial to all parties involved, as well as the environment.    

Being a highly socially conscious generation, pragmatic problem solving is one of Generation Z’s best traits. They do not want answers handed to them and are excited by the opportunity to create innovative solutions as well as creating engaging online and social presence.   

Being a team of Generation Zers, BYOE is able to provide turnkey solutions to all that work with them, whether it be in the form of web development, content creation, e-commerce or possibly even web design. They are proudly South African and using their diverse group of skills are able to fulfill your companies needs in order to build your own empire.  


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