6-Month All-In-One Digital Marketing

6-Month All-In-One Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing



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About This Products

Packages can be full multi-channel digital or can be specialised to focus on specific channels/requirements. Social Media, Search, Email, Content, Website Optimisation or Customer Experience & Success.


All packages, regardless of the focus or tier include a digital capabilities assessment, a review of your Google Analytics setup, a review of any previous strategies or personas used, the creation of your Digital Vision & Mission, setting SMART objectives and KPIs and defining your Online Value Proposition.


The audits, strategy output, management time and content creation varies depending on the size of package chosen.

What you get:

  • Audit:
    • Digital Capabilities Assessment
    • Review Google Analytics Setup
    • 6 month competitor audit and benchmarking
    • Review personas if any otherwise do audience and customer journey research for up to 6 audience groups
    • Review digital media use and performance on social, email, web, search, content and customer
    • Review use of owned, earned and paid elements on digital media
    • Review use of retargeting
  • Strategy:
    • Define brand vision
    • Define SMART objectives and KPI’s for digital
    • Define OVP and partial brand identity
    • Create digital media plan with expansions on owned, earned and paid media, campaign plan and retargeting for 6 months
  • Content Creation:
    • Custom graphic designed posts
    • 5 posts a week
    • 2 story posts a week
  • Management and Measurement:
    • Account creation, ad manager setup and Google Analytics Setup
    • Day-to-day account monitoring
    • Paid campaign creation and content posting
    • Monthly, Quarterly and half yearly report


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Frequently Asked Questions

A fully integrated business services agency. BYOE is a company and platform that enables you to streamline various business services, operations and processes in order to efficiently and effectively impact your top and bottom lines.

BYOE allows you to pick and choose which issues to solve in your business through their convenient online platform that allows affordable & customisable solutions. Unlike other agencies, consultancies and managed service providers - BYOE allows you to take on any business challenge through one sole provider - giving you peace of mind and giving you back time and money to focus on the continued growth of your business.

If you are a business owner, executive or entrepreneur who is making decisions within the business that will help streamline processes and scale your business but you are running out of time, resources, knowledge and money to do so then BYOE is the company you can turn to for all-in-one solutions. We can take everything off your hands and control the project end-to-end or we can fulfil pieces of your project based on your capacity and requirements

We offer a convenient online platform that allows you to create an account via desktop or mobile, address your company issues and choose the suitable options all through the click of a button. Everything is customisable and we want to make sure nothing is broad brush strokes but fitting your specific empires needs.Still unsure? Call or live chat with a sales rep who can tell you more.

The costs are variable - factors include scope of project and seniority of person delivering on the project. Unlike other agencies BYOE is transparent with who is working on your business and charge/deliver accordingly. What you pay for is what you get. We offer as much value from a time and resources perspective but how affordable you want it to be is up to you. There are always promotions/deals running and you also get access to the BYOE members club giving your rewards and access to a network of the entrepreneurial worlds finest.

If you can't find the service you are looking for or if you would like to customise a service, then please simply contact us!


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