Domain and Hosting

Your first step to creating your own empire is to choose your domain name,  which lays the foundation to building your empire. We provide you with monthly hosting, CPanel, SSL Certificate, backup, email accounts as well as  free domain registration for your website.


Server Speed

We utilise various tools and techniques to ensure speed optimisation and efficiency.  

Server Uptime

With a 99% up time rate, we will ensure that your website is operational 24/7.

Website Security

We provide a highly secure web experience for your company and users at all times.

Website Stability

We will continuously ensure that the functionality of your site will lead to optimum performance. 

Website Scalability

With our servers, you can be assured that your websites infrastructure will grow alongside your empire.

Website Support

We provide our clients with 24/7 support to ensure a seamless experience. Any time. Any where.

Website Development and Design

We develop and design world class customized WordPress regular and  eCommerce websites to suit your businesses needs and budget. We will work with you to make sure you are 100% satisfied. We strive to give our clients value for money by providing only premium features at all times.


WordPress Development

WordPress powers a third of the internet. By leveraging the capabilities of the platform, we ensure that the best possible web experience is in the palm of your hands.

Custom Web Design

Our custom web design process will ensure a unique and personalised online experience according to the specific needs of your project.

Premium Themes & Plugins

 We provide you with access to countless premium themes & plugins that will ensure optimal functionality and beautiful customisation.

Responsive Design

We provide the best user experience through our custom interface design ensuring optimal viewing across any and all devices that you need.

Website Features

We provide you with the essential website features and many other additional premium features used seamlessly to scale your empire. 


We will ensure that your website is continuously monitored, maintained and upgraded on a monthly basis to ensure continuous growth.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimization is a process that will assist us in driving your page ranking as high as possible on any search engine. We will optimise your website elements to meet search engine requirements, driving your empire up the rankings online.


SEO Audit

We provide you with a detailed audit report to identify any problems and provide solutions, ensuring your  continued digital success. 

Information Gathering & Research

We will analyse your industry and competitors while performing keyword research to ensure a competitive edge over others.

Link Building

We customise how titles and descriptions will be displayed on search pages.  This way, we can link your business in all aspects relating to online presence.

Content Optimisation

We will review and amend your current content to ensure that is in line and compliant with all the search engines requirements for a healthy business..   

On-Page SEO

We will optimise each page on your website in order to holistically improve your website’s position in the search engine rankings.

Off-Page SEO

We will optimise each page on your website in relation to external factors to improve your website position in the search engine rankings.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is an essential component in today’s eCommerce industry. In today’s ever changing and fast paced digital marketing landscape. BYOE aims to create cohesive marketing campaigns across multiple media. We utilise a variety of premium digital tools and marketing techniques to ensure your business is continuously growing into an empire and pressing that glass ceiling of digital success.


Marketing Strategy

We will develop your marketing strategy and identify your business goals while defining a set of marketing goals to support them. 

Social Media Management

We will manage and optimise your social media presence  allowing you to leverage your online reach and spread your brand across the online sphere.

Social Media Campaigns

Social media campaigns will be developed according to  your marketing objectives in order to achieve your set-out goals for success.

Google Marketing

We will accurately target the correct customers who are looking for your product or service in an effort to expand your online reach.

E-mail Marketing

We develop relationships through  e-mail marketing campaigns that will present opportunities and drive a return on investment for your business.

Brand Management

We will ensure that all the brand elements Incorporated in your business are consistent and concise, in an effort to fit within your brand message.

Digital Design

Content creation is an essential component in building your online empire. Our professional team of graphic designers, photographers and videographers are there to meet your business needs in any way you can imagine. Content will be created specifically to help build your brand and to drive traffic to your company’s digital platforms and digital presence.


Graphic Design

We provide graphic design services that are aligned with your business strategy, aimed to help visualise your brand and build a brand image to last.


We review and amend all copy to ensure that the correct message is conveyed in correct format for SEO and Social media functionality and presence.


We will ensure that all photographs taken are of high quality and performance, encapsulating your businesses story. Photo shoots are essential to company image.


Our videographer will assist in creating content that will portray your brands story, resonating with your clients across a broad spectrum of online platforms. 

Corporate Identity

We will hep you create a strong corporate identity, that will assist in conveying your brands personality and values and strengthening you brand image for your consumers. 

Creative Strategy

We set up and configure all the eCommerce functions needed to sell your products and services. This way, we can effectively define your product strategy.


BYOE understands the time and effort required to manage an eCommerce website. We will manage your inventory and updates on a routine basis. Alongside this, we will edit product images and website prices while loading new content in order to keep your website relevant at all times


Online Store

We will set up & configure all eCommerce functions that are needed to sell your products or services online. This way we can drive up your sales returns online.


We will provide you with a powerful online retail solution giving you the ability to market and sell any type of product or service through your website.

Payment Gateway & Shipping

We will set up & configure all the different payment options that you might require as well as shipping options you can provide to your consumers.

Product Management

We take care of all your products. All the way from sourcing, to uploading, to managing your inventory – we’ve got your inventory under control.

eCommerce Management

We will manage the day to day management of your website. This includes managing order processing, sales as well as distribution.

Packaging for Shipping

We will help you design the artwork and source the most affordable packaging, that will leave a long lasting effect on customers receiving your products.

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