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What is a content calendar? Well, the name is pretty self-explanatory. It’s a calendar or plan of upcoming posts and content you wish to publish on social media platforms or use in other marketing related activities. 

Content calendars help develop the editorial strategy, improve the quality and consistency of social media posts, and organise the way in which content will be curated and created1

4 Benefits of Using a Content Calendar

  1. Improves Organisation

    Having a formal content calendar allows you to record all your great social media content ideas in one reliable place2. No more random notes on your iPhone or saved posts on Instagram that you want to recreate.

    Content calendars provide a great visual for all upcoming social media and email marketing activities and help keep your content creation on track – preventing you from missing a post or email deadline!
  1. Increases Consistency

As you know, the key engaging with your audience online is through offering educational, relevant, and entertaining content day after day. This requires planning and consistency.

Companies that publish more than 16 social media posts a month generate 3.5 times more traffic than those which publish less than 42. Use a social media calendar to plan many, regular posts. 

  1. Supports Content Engagement and Variation

Without proper planning, social posts, emails, and other online content can become repetitive and stale or simply not resonate with your audience at all. 

Content calendars provide a better platform for planning diverse and relevant content to ensure your content is always exciting and fresh.

  1. Reduce Stresses and Encourages Relevant Posts

Content calendars allow you to plan weeks or even months in advance! This means you can be sure to post or promote relevant content on important dates and holidays without having to memorise every special occasion in the year. 

Naturally, this approach also reduces stress by encouraging you to take your time and craft high quality content without a last-minute rush. No more spelling mistakes or emails sent to the wrong list!

How to Create a Content Calendar

These are the steps we follow to create our content calendar at BYOE: 

    1. Audit your Social Networks and Content
      Identify where your current social media and content efforts stand. Where is there room for improvement? Which social media channels are the most popular and which can be deleted? What do your audiences look like on each platform?
  • Decide what Data your Calendar will Include

We include some basic details such as – platforms, date, type of content, caption, hashtags, and link to assets.

    1. Create a Content Library for all your Assets
      We suggest Dropbox, Google Drive, or your company’s internal network – as long as it is large enough to store many files, easily accessible, and can be shared with team members.
    2. Draft your Posts
      Start planning where, when, and what you will be posting on social media or sending on email. Create assets and add them to your content library.
    3. Review and Revise
      Share your calendar and library with those who will provide useful feedback and permissions. Make revisions where needed.
  • Schedule and Publish
    If you’re using a scheduling tool, go ahead and schedule your posts and emails. Otherwise, set reminders as to when you will be manually posting or sending out content.

Content marketing is an essential part of the larger marketing strategy and without a proper plan, you risk sending out irrelevant, unengaging, ineffective content.

Try a new approach and use a content calendar! Download our free template below:

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